Hoi An Water Park – Your 2024 Guide

There’s only one waterpark in Hoi An, it’s called VinWonders. It’s part of a bigger theme park with a lot more going on than just some water slides. Here’s all the info you need to know about the one and only Hoi An Water Park.

hoi an water park

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Your Guide to VinWonders: Hoi An’s Water Park

There’s plenty to know before planning your trip to the only waterpark in Hoi An. I’ll tell you all about what’s there, where it is, how much you’ll pay, as well as a word of warning before you head off. Let’s get started.

Where is it?

This water park in Hoi An is located 15km from the ancient town. Meaning the best way to get there is with a Grab Taxi.

Staying in a hotel in Hoi An? If so, there’s a good chance that they sell tickets and arrange transport to VinWonders theme park.

If you’re staying in Danang and want to visit the water park in Hoi An, you have a 60km journey to arrange. 

Here’s a link to the location of the Hoi An Water Park on Google Maps.

Is Hoi An Water Park any good?

On the face of it, yeah, the water park at VinWonders in Hoi An is a decent water park. There are 11 different slides along with a large swimming pool.

There are all the classic kinds of slides: big drops, spinning tubes and a lazy river. So plenty for kids and grown-ups to enjoy. 

Kids especially love the giant water playground. 

What else is there to do at VinWonders apart from the water park?

There are a few other zones at VinWonders, so it’s not all about Hoi An Water Park. Here’s what else you can do there…

Adventure Land 

This is the normal theme park area. There’s a decent rollercoaster and many modern travelling fairground-style rides.

Indoor games 

This is basically just a big indoor fun house. The kind of place where parents wave goodbye to their kids as they jump headfirst into a giant ball pit. The kids that is. The parents are straight off to the nearest bar. 

Island of Folk Culture

Not much more than a model of a traditional village to walk around. It’s unlikely you’ll have time for this if you’re mainly keen on the water park and theme park. It’s done nicely but it’s probably not what you’re going to VinWonders Hoi An for.

Harbour Corne

This is more of an adult corner. It’s a mix of different traditions, buildings, shops and restaurants. Kind of like a ‘world corner’. Again, it’s nothing much but it’s cool to walk along the street to see the different buildings.

River Safari 

The river safari is one of the more popular areas. The organisers claim that it is ‘Vietnam’s first and largest river safari, with 550 creatures from more than 50 species are cared for and preserved.’

Personally, I’m not a fan of zoos or safari parks, but this seems to be a popular part of the park.

A map of VinWonders

Here is a map of the whole park showing you everything that’s available at Hoi An Water Park.

Things to know before visiting

If you’re planning on taking kids with you to Hoi An Water Park, there are a couple of things you need to know. And that’s that there are many height and weight restrictions for most of the water slides. 

Minimum height rules

Some slides have a minimum height requirement of 1.2 metres, a couple are set at 1.3 metres and quite a few need children to be at least 1.4 metres tall.

Don’t expect any casual enforcement of these rules. Expect military precision enforcement, they will check your child’s height to the millimetre!  

Minimum weight rules

This was a new one for me. Many of the slides have a minimum weight restriction. Children need to be 50kg to play on some of the slides. Apparently, if you’re too light you might fly off over the horizon.

hoi an water park
The weighing process at Hoi An Water Park

So if you’re children are in good, healthy shape, it might be time to pile on the pounds at McDonald’s!

Here is a link to all of the rules and restrictions at Hoi An Water Park.

FAQs for Hoi An Water Park

Hoi An Water Park Ticket Prices

Tickets for Vin Wonders Hoi An are priced depending on height. If you’re taller than 1.4 metres you’ll pay 600,000 VND. Shorter and you’ll pay 450,000 VND. If you’re exactly 1.4 metres tall you’re in the grey zone, who knows what you’ll have to pay.

Kids under 1 metre can go in for free. But that’s because they can’t go on most attractions in the park.

Water Park Opening Times

The water park is open from 10:00 to 17:30.

Here’s a link to the website which shows the opening times for all of the other zones in the park

Are there places to eat at VinWonders Hoi An?

Yes, there are many restaurants dotted around the park, including in the water park itself. 

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