Wonderpark Nha Trang – Does It Exist In 2024?

After visiting Wonderpark Nha Trang back in the glory days of pre-Covid, I’ve had it on my list to write a post about it. While doing my information gathering I’m starting to wonder if it does, or in fact ever did, exist!

Wonderpark Nha Trang

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Your guide to Wonderpark in Nha Trang

Now, I’m confident that it did exist, mainly because I was there and drew sketches later that day. And I’m pretty sure that I found it easily on Google Maps, as you’d expect. Now it seems to have slipped into a black hole. There are a few Vietnamese sites that still seem to mention its existence but none of them give a definite address or a link to the map, which is all I was looking for.

Where is Wonderpark Nha Trang?

I’ve since wasted far too much time trying to find the exact location of Wonderpark Nha Trang, with no success! I found maps that show it from a distance but nothing pinpoint. I’ve started to wonder if the big bully in the area, Vinpearl Land, has hacked the internet to remove all traces of its smaller competitor. I know they are, or at least were different places, I went to both during my time in Nha Trang.

So, think of it as an old-fashioned quest, not quite up to the standard of Mr. DiCaprio hunting Maya Bay, but in a world of easy information, it’s rare to be challenged to locate something. And if it’s as it was when I visited, it is worth the effort.

What’s at Wonderpark Nha Trang?

You’ll find a waterpark, a secluded beach and some fun inflatable obstacle courses out in the shallow ocean. You can even rent a jet-ski if you’re feeling adventurous.

Wonderpark Nha Trang

There’s also a funfair with some pretty decent rides including a small but impressive roller coaster. Simply put, it’s a mini version of Vinpearl Land.

What are the ticket prices for Wonderpark Nha Trang?

Adult tickets are 35,000VND per person, child tickets are 20,000VND. There are a few extra things that you will need to pay for like jet-skiing, but your ticket gets you access to all of the main attractions.

What are the opening hours? 

Wonderpark Nha Trang is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. If it still exists of course.

So, that’s all I have for you. It’s up to you whether you choose to take up the quest to find this hidden wonder of the world. You could always just hail a cab and ask the driver to take you there. Who knows what you might find?

Looking for inspiration?

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Where will you stay?

Finally, and I doubt you need much help with this but if you’re still unsure where to stay I have a couple of recommendations. If you prefer hotel luxury I personally always use Booking.com and here are the most popular hotels in Nha Trang right now. If you prefer to keep it basic and bunk up in a hostel the best place to find your perfect hostel in Nha Trang or indeed anywhere, is Hostelworld. Here’s a link to the best hostels in and around Nha Trang.

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