Scooter Rental in Canggu – Your 2024 Guide To Get Riding

If you’re not fussy, you don’t need much help with scooter rental in Canggu. The streets are lined with bike hire stores, but if you want to know the best places to hire a scooter in Canggu, I can help. I’ll tell you the best online option, and the best old-school shop, along with all the rules you need to know to get riding around Canggu and the rest of Bali.

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Super Quick Guide to Scooter Rental in Canggu

If you just want to know the key info about where to go and how much you’ll pay to rent a motorbike, here you go…

  • Bikago is the best place for online scooter rental in Canggu. You can browse all the bikes, pay securely online and get loads of extras like insurance and roadside assistance. They will also deliver and collect the scooter from your hostel.
  • Fajar Bali Rent MotorbikeThe best scooter rental shop in Canggu. We were recommended it and received an amazing service when we rented a Scoopy from them for two weeks. 
  • You can rent a basic scooter in Canggu for 65,000 IDR ($4.50) per day

That’s all the main info you need to know about scooter rental in Canggu. If you’re intrigued to learn more, why not read on for more tips and information about bike rental in Bali? Who knows, it might save your life.

Where to Rent a Scooter in Canggu

Many places offer scooter rental in Canggu, but if you want to reduce the risk of getting scammed or paying over the odds, you should follow a recommendation. These are the only places you need to know about if you’re after a trustworthy and reliable bike rental in Canggu.

Bikago – The best online scooter hire in Canggu

Without a doubt, Bikago is the best website out there for motorbike rental in Canggu. A little local store might have slightly better prices, but the extras and the overall service you get from Bikago make it my first point of call when I want to rent a scooter in Canggu, or anywhere in Bali for that matter.

They have a huge choice of bikes, from the cheap and cheerful Honda Scoopy to proper motorbikes, all the way up to some monster off-road bikes. 

scooter rental canggu
Renting a bike from Bikago is this easy.

Bikago also offers peace of mind because you can pay securely online and they also have things like insurance and roadside assistance available too. So if you rent a scooter in Canggu you need to check out Bikago

The best store to hire a scooter from in Canggu centre

Before we discovered Bikago we had the pleasure of using Fajar Bali Rent Motorbike for our scooter needs in Canggu. 

It’s a great store in the heart of Canggu that will not disappoint. They have a great stock of bikes and will do all they can to make sure that you have the right scooter for your needs.

We had a problem with one of the helmets and worried that they would blame and charge us for it, but they couldn’t have been friendlier and more helpful. If you prefer to rent a bike in Canggu from a store rather than online, head to Fajar Bike Rent Motorbike in Canggu.

Here’s a link to their exact location on Google Maps.

Canggu Electric Scooter Rental – SKUTE

If you are looking for an alternative scooter rental that is environmentally friendly, Skute can be a good option. Skute is the first 100% electric scooter on the island and is committed to a greener future. By choosing Skute, you contribute to a cleaner and quieter environment on the island and support the transition to more sustainable mobility. Skute Canggu offers free scooter delivery and pick-up services. Visit their website for more information.

Address: Jl. Danau Tamblingan No.178, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80228 

Rating: ⭐4,7 26 Google-reviews

Phone: 0877-3176-9794


Other places to rent a scooter in Canggu

Like I said before, many other places offer scooter hire in Canggu. Chances are your hotel or hostel will hire out scooters, and that’s always an easy option because they already know who you are, have seen your passport etc, so renting a scooter from your hostel is always a good bet.

Otherwise, if you’re feeling brave and don’t like taking people’s recommendations, just take a stroll and see who you like the look of and rent a scooter from them. It’s the old-fashioned way.

The Rules of Scooter Rental in Canggu 

There aren’t many rules when it comes to riding a motorbike in Bali. As mentioned before you legally require an International Driving Permit. So yes, simply put, you need a license to ride a scooter in Canggu. And that licence is an IDP.

That’s not to say that you won’t be able to rent a scooter in Canggu, because you will. Many renters don’t care if you have a license or not, that’s your problem and your problem only. Do expect a nasty fine from the local police though if you are pulled over and don’t have a permit.  

In regards to the rules of the road, as you’d expect, they are pretty loose and lenient. Just go with the flow and you’ll be fine. One basic rule of riding a scooter in Asia is to only worry about what’s in front of you. Don’t look back, just deal with what’s ahead. 

Don’t drink (too much) when you rent a scooter in Canggu

Also, don’t drink too much. The police won’t be lenient on your drunk ass if you act like a fool and cause an accident. If, though, you are in Ubud and want to know where to grab a drink you should head to one of these bars.

Should you rent a scooter in Canggu?

Still not sure if you should hire a scooter in Canggu? Everyone is riding around Bali, so it must be easy, right? Wrong! Of all the places in Asia where I’ve had the pleasure of riding around on a scooter, Bali was, without a doubt, the toughest. 

Granted, I was never brave enough to zip around the city streets of Hanoi, HCMC, or Bangkok, but compared to other scooter hotspots like Pai and Ko Phangnan, Bali is much more challenging to ride around.

So my advice is that if you haven’t tried riding a scooter before, Canggu is not the best place for you to start. If, though, you’ve got a bit of experience on two wheels then you absolutely should rent a scooter in Canggu. I once rode from Canggu to Ubud and it’s one of my top travel memories.

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Need a scooter elsewhere in Bali?

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