Electric Scooter Hire Valencia – Your 2024 guide

Wondering if Valencia has e-scooters for hire? I just spent a month there enjoying the Spanish sun, so, if you want to know all about electric scooter hire in Valencia in 2024 you’re in the right place.

Electric Scooter Hire Valencia
Electric Scooter Hire Valencia – One of the best ways to enjoy the Spanish sun

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Your quick guide to renting an electric scooter in Valencia

Valencia is a flat city with loads of bike lanes. So surely it’s the perfect city to explore by electric scooter. Let’s find out.

How much does it cost to rent an electric scooter in Valencia in 2024?

There are many options when it comes to e-scooter rental in Valencia. Some people just want to zip around for an hour or two, whereas others want to rent an electric scooter for a week or more. I’ll tell you where to go to rent an e-scooter in a moment, but here’s a rough guide as to what to budget:

Prices to rent an electric scooter in Valencia, as of December 2023

  • 1-hour rental – €9
  • 2-hour rental – €16
  • 1-day rental – €25
  • 2-day rental – €40
  • 3-day rental – €60  
  • 7-day rental – €100

So as you can see there is a good range of options if you’re looking to rent an e-scooter during your holiday in Valencia. 

Where can I rent an e-scooter in Valencia?

Now you know how much it will cost, let me tell you where you can hire an electric scooter in Valencia. 

Electric Scooter Hire Valencia
Many of the e-scooter hire shops are near the stunning Torres de Serranos

Best electric scooter hire in Valencia city centre.

Eco Bike Rent. These guys have four locations around the centre of Valencia. They have a huge stock across their stores and you can collect from one and drop it back to a different one to make it nice and easy. They have plenty of electric scooter tours available too.

Best e-scooter hire near the beach in Valencia.

Bikealao is the best place to hire an e-scooter near the beach in Valencia. They are located in the Maritim area and have great rates for two or three-day rentals. Zipping up and down the wide promenade and exploring the little cafes and restaurants along the beach is a great way to spend an afternoon in Valencia.

Best long-term e-scooter rental in Valencia.

Smartride offer a more corporate feel to electrical scooter hire in Valencia. Although their focus seems to be on targeting local companies they do still offer individual e-scooter hire for days or weeks. So if you’re staying in Valencia for a while and want to rent an e-scooter for your whole stay you should consider Smartride.

The basic rules for electric scooter hire in Valencia

Although e-scooters are pretty easy to ride, there are still some basic rules that you must follow when renting an electric scooter in Valencia. 

electric scooter hire

Always wear a helmet

Yes, I know that if you look around you won’t see many people wearing helmets while riding an e-scooter in Valencia. The official rules state you should wear one, but that’s more to cover the guys renting them out. You can get one from the guys that off daily e-scooter rental.

Over 16s only

You need to be at least 16 to hire an electric scooter in Valencia. 

Single rider

The weight limit is 100 kg on all of the scooters making it pretty impossible to get two adults on one anyway. But even if you and your skinny friend could, it’s against the rules to have more than one rider on an e-scooter in Valencia.

Don’t ride drunk, or even slightly tipsy

The laws are the same as for car drivers. Don’t drink and drive. So as tempting as it might be to sink a few beers and then zip around on an e-scooter to tour Valencia, it’s strongly advised that you don’t. 

Do you need a licence to rent an electric scooter in Valencia?

No, you don’t need a license to rent an e-scooter in Valencia. You just need to be at least 16 years old. 

How fast and easy to use are the e-scooters?

The e-scooters in Valencia are very easy to use, making them a perfect way to explore the city. They have two-speed settings, one that restricts it to 10 km/h, which is ideal for busy city streets, and the other which allows you to ride the scooter at speeds up to 25 km/h, which is perfect for zipping through Turia park and up and down the promenade at Malvarrosa Beach.  

What about the battery life?

Wondering how long the battery lasts? The e-scooters in Valencia all offer approximately 30km from one battery charge. Which is going to be plenty if you’re having it for less than 24 hours. If, though, you’re renting an electric scooter in Valencia for more than a day, the rental company will give you a charging cable for you to use back home in your apartment or even in a cafe while grabbing a coffee. 

So, that’s all the info you need regarding electric scooter hire in Valencia. I rented my e-scooter from Bikealao near the beach and kept it for three days for €60. I recommend that you first take it to a park or the beach and give yourself some time to be confident riding it. It won’t take long to master it as e-scooters are a very easy way to get around. 

Overall, with its incredible amount of bike lanes and flat landscape, riding an electric scooter in Valencia is a great way to explore and enjoy one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. Enjoy the ride.  

Looking for some ideas for things to do in Valencia?

If you’re wondering what else you should be doing in and around Valencia, may I push you in the direction of Get Your Guide. These guys are the best place for all of the available tours and trips on offer. You can book safely and securely online, and if you change your mind you can even get a full refund if you give them enough notice. So if you’re planning on getting out and about you really should look at Get Your Guide. This is a link directly to the tours that they offer in and around Valencia.

If you’re hungry for more travel tips and stories head on over to my blog where I’ve got more tips and info, including these ones about Valencia…


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Electric Scooter Hire Valencia – Your 2024 guide

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