Street Oranges In Valencia – Can You Eat Them?

If you’re lucky enough to be walking the streets of Spain’s third city, you’ll quickly realise why it is the home of the Spanish orange. There are literally millions of oranges hanging from the trees on nearly every street and avenue in the city. So, you’re not the first to wonder if you can eat the street oranges in Valencia.

Can you eat the street oranges in Valencia?

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Street Oranges In Valencia – All you need to know in 2024

Here all you need to know about street oranges in Valencia.

Street Oranges In Valencia – Can You Eat Them?

So, are the oranges edible? The short answer to whether you can eat the oranges on the sidewalks and in the plazas is yes. Yes, you can eat them. But be prepared, as you will get some puzzled looks from the locals. Not because you’re breaking a law, it’s because you’re planning on eating it. And that’s not a good idea.

What do the street oranges in Valencia taste like?

This is why people don’t pick the street oranges in Valencia. They taste like crap. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they don’t taste like what a famous Valencian orange should taste like.

The street oranges are very bitter and also as sour as a lemon.

The delicious true-Valencian orange is not an expensive or difficult thing to get hold of, which is why Valencians will never be seen picking an orange from the street. Even the homeless folk only see them as decoration, and that’s surely a sign to leave them where they are.

What do they do with all of the street oranges in Valencia?

So now we know that people aren’t eating them, what the hell do they do with them? First, they need to pick them. By hand would take a lifetime, so they’ve taken on the grizzly bear technique of shaking the tree until everything falls out of it.

They don’t employ bears though, their wages are too high and they don’t want to work in winter, so they use tractors instead. Tractors with a special upside-down umbrella contraption that catches the oranges.

I should say, that catches some of the oranges, as usually, the streets are still full of escaping oranges on tree-shaking days.  

Many of these oranges are then shipped off to other countries, mixed with loads of sugar and turned into marmalade. 

What’s the best way to eat Valencian oranges?

I’d say the best way to eat Valencian oranges is to drink them. Head into any Consum or Mercadona supermarket, and there’s always one of those around, and let the big machine squeeze twenty or more oranges for you.

No other orange juice in the world packs a punch like one from freshly squeezed oranges in Valencia. If booze is more your thing, sit yourself down at pretty much any bar and ask for an Aqua de Valencia.

There isn’t a much better way to wind away a Spanish afternoon than sipping on this local cocktail, plus you’ll also be getting a big whack of Vitamin C along with your vodka and gin, and who doesn’t love healthy booze? 

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