Best bars in Benimaclet, Valencia

I’d give Benimaclet the title of ‘the alternative area’ of the city. Unsurprisingly it’s also the student area of Valencia too, so you can get pintas for cheap, very cheap in fact. The locals have such an amazing range of unique and colourful haircuts that they leave a man like me dreaming of what could and should have been in my hairier youth. That’s why I want to share with you my tips on the best bars in Benimaclet.

Best bars in Benimaclet

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Bars in Benimaclet

As with any major neighbourhood in Valencia, Benimaclet is not lacking when it comes to finding somewhere to unwind after a not-so-busy day. I mean, if you’re having a busy, stressful day in Valencia you must be doing something wrong. Take a look in the mirror, channel your inner Valencian and slow everything down. Now you’re ready for a drink. But what are you looking for? Not many people will agree when choosing their best bars in Benimaclet because there are so many to choose from. 

This place used to be its own independent town until the city grew and swallowed it up. And maybe because of that, it definitely has some of the best bars in Valencia. In addition, it’s only a short metro ride from the centre, so there’s no excuse to miss it.

The Best Bars in Benimaclet

Without further ado, let’s take a look at my list of some of the contenders to be considered the best bars in Benimaclet.

Excalibur – The best pub in town

Best bars in Benimaclet
The best pub in Benimaclet

This place can be classed as an Irish bar or British pub, but refreshingly without the standard paraphernalia you’d expect. A decent pint of Guinness is waiting for you along with a good selection of Belgian beers, football on the TV, dark wood and shoulder-to-shoulder seating.

Surprisingly it’s the only place I found that showed live football in Benimaclet. Don’t worry, if you want to keep the Spanish vibe going you can just order an Estrella doble and sit outside, that’s allowed. It’s worthy of a place on the list of best pubs in Valencia

Address: C. del Doctor Vicent Zaragoza, 7, 46020 València, Valencia, Spain

Opening times: 17:00 – 01:30 Fri & Sat

Pub Coloniel – The best Latin bar around

Best bars in Benimaclet
The best Latin bar in Benimaclet

Excalibur’s neighbour on the main street into Benimaclet. You’ll do well to get past these two gatekeepers and into the centre, but try you must, there’s much more to see, however, if you fail to push on this time, don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow, just try a different route!

Pub Coloniel gives you a taste of South America. Rum flows as freely as the Latin beats boom from the speakers. There are many South American bars in Valencia, this is one of the best I’ve been to.

Address: C. del Doctor Vicent Zaragoza, 3, 46020 València, Valencia, Spain

Opening times: 17:00 – 04:00

Amigo Doner Kebap – Best for dirty grub

Best bars in Benimaclet
Kebab + Beer = Winner

Or in English ‘Doner Kebab Friend’. Surely the name is enticing enough to check it out. I’m sure we’ve all made best friends with a kebab at 3 am before. Here at Amigo Doner Kebap not only can you make new meat-based friends, but you can also get to know their liquid-based siblings too. This place is genius. Loads of room to sit outside, very cheap beer, kebabs and pizza.

Benimaclet is where most students head on a night out, and most find themselves sitting here all night. It’s all you need for a long, cheap night out.

Opening times: 11:30 – 01:30

Address: C/ d’Emili Baró, 13, 46020 València, Valencia, Spain

London Bar – The best cocktail bar in Benimaclet

The best cocktail bar in Benimaclet

The yin to Amigo Doner Kepap’s yang. An indoor, classy bar in Benimaclet Centre that specialises in the finer things in life. Premium cocktails, specialist beers and free bar snacks would cost a pretty penny anywhere outside of Spain. So for a more relaxed hour or two pop into London Bar and treat yourself. There aren’t many bars like this in all of Valencia let alone in Benimaclet.

Find ‘London Bar’ Here.

Opening times: 18:00 – 01:30

Centre Instructiu Musical de Benimaclet – Best for live music

The best bar in Benimaclet for random live music

I still haven’t figured this place out. One moment it’s full of pensioners reading papers and playing dominoes and the next there’s a full-blown classical concert taking place with more than 50 musicians plucking, blowing and beating away.

There are a few live music bars in Benimaclet, but this one is definitely unique. It’s always worth popping your head in for a quick look, as who knows what’s coming next, naked bingo Fridays anyone??

Find ‘Centre Instructiu Musical de Benimaclet’ Here.

Opening times: 09:00 – 00:00

La Murta Vins i Tapes Bar – Best for tapas

Best bars in Benimaclet
Wine pyramids are for marketing purposes only

The main reason to head here is to get to Murta Street. This is possibly the liveliest street in Benimaclet. You could easily miss this hidden area but you really shouldn’t. From about 6 pm the graffitied shutters start to roll up and out come the chairs. Suddenly this street is full, and you’re on the lookout for any lonely table.

Grab anything you can but if you do get the chance try the wine and tapas at La Murta Vins i Tapas, the name shows what they’re all about.

Find ‘La Murta Vins i Tapes’ Here.

Opening hours: 07:30 – 01:00

Kaf Cafe, Benimaclet – Best bohemian bar

Best bars in Benimaclet
The chilled-out bat in Benimaclet

Live music, a bohemian crowd and an almost impossible chance of getting a seat. Kaf Cafe wouldn’t be out of place behind the old walls of Chiang Mai, Thailand or in a wooden shack along Palolem Beach, India.

For this reason alone it’s worth a visit, just don’t be too disappointed when you can’t get in, as it’s a strong possibility. They sometimes host private functions so check out their social media before you set off, it could save you the heartache.

Find ‘Kaf Cafe’ Here.

Do you agree that these are the best bars in Benimaclet?

Just like with my other recommendations of the best bars in Russafa and El Carmen there are tons of other places worthy of mention, but checking these ones out will give you a kick in the right direction on your journey of discovery. No doubt you’ll find your own favourite bars and wonder how I missed them off my list.

The truth is it’s a mix of luck and timing whether you can even get a seat at any of the more popular bars. This is especially true of the more traditional ones, but the beauty is, even if you can’t get a seat where you wanted, chances are you can sit somewhere else close enough to still soak up the atmosphere anyway. The only difference is the colour of the chair and which doorway your drinks come out from.

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