E-Scooter Rental Lanzarote – 2024 Guide

Want some info about e-scooter rental in Lanzarote? If you want to hire an electric scooter in Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca, Arrecife or Costa Teguise, I’ve got all the info you need.

e-scooter rental lanzarote
You can also look this cool when hiring an electric scooter in Lanzarote

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How to rent an electric scooter in Lanzarote

It’s really easy to hire an e-scooter in any of the busy areas on the island. Here’s the basic info for you:

  • The best way to get riding is to use an e-scooter sharing app. LINK is the best one in Lanzarote. Just download it and follow the simple instructions.
  • It costs €0.25 per minute to use the app, plus a €1 unlocking charge.
  • There are some e-scooter rental shops around but most people use the LINK app. Shops charge around €15 per hour.

That’s the basic info, but to know more about how the app works, the rules to follow and where to find the best electric scooters in Lanzarote read on for another minute or two.

Lanzarote e-scooter rental prices in 2024

There are only a few choices when it comes to e-scooter rental in Lanzarote. Here’s what you can expect to pay in a local hire store:

  • 1-hour rental – €15
  • 2-hour rental – €20  

There is an electric scooter hire app in Lanzarote that allows you to ride for one-off journeys. It costs €1 to unlock the scooter and then 25 cents per minute after that. I’ll give you all the details about this app in a moment.

If you fancy having a scooter for your whole holiday, unfortunately daily or weekly electric scooter rental in Lanzarote doesn’t seem possible at the moment. This is strange because when I was in Tenerife, there were loads of companies offering long-term electric scooter hire. So maybe they’ll follow their bigger brother soon and start offering it by the summer.

LINK – The best (and only) app for electric scooter rental in Lanzarote

For now, Lanzarote electric scooter hire is all about short-term rental, and the only app you need is LINK, or to give it its full name – Superpedestrian LINK Scooters. You can download the app by clicking that link, nothing dodgy, it takes you to the Google Play site. If you’re an iPhone user, here’s the link to the app in the Apple Store.

This app is perfect if you prefer the idea of having access to an electric scooter as and when you want one. It costs €1 to start the hire, and then €0.25 every minute after that

The LINK app makes e-scooter rental in Lanzarote really easy. Here’s how it works…

  • 1 – Download the app.
  • 2 – Put some money in the e-wallet. €10 is plenty to get started.
  • 3 – Use the app to find your closest scooter.
  • 4 – Have a look over the rules on the app while you’re on your way to your e-scooter.

Where can I rent an e-scooter in Lanzarote?

If the idea of modern technology, like e-scooter hire apps, blows your mind, don’t worry, there are a couple of good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar stores where you can rent electric scooters by the hour.

Papa Rent – The best electric scooter hire in Puerto del Carmen

Papa Rent is the master when it comes to scooter hire in Lanzarote. Most of the scooters they specialise in are of the moped variety. They have tons of e-bikes too, and now, finally, they have branched out into the world of e-scooter hire. Here’s all the info you need about prices etc. Just scroll down past the mobility scooters to find the info you want.

So if you’re in or around Puerto del Carmen and don’t want to use the LINK app to hire a scooter while on holiday in Lanzarote, check Papa Rent out as they may be offering e-scooters for hire now. Here’s a link to their exact location.

e-EcoCanarias – The best place for e-scooter hire in Costa Teguise

If you want to rent an electric scooter to zip around the beaches in Lanzarote, e-EcoCanarias comes highly recommended. It will cost you €15 for one hour or €20 for two hours

You’ll need to pick up your scooter from their collection point in Costa Teguise. Here’s the exact location of e-EcoCanarias on Google Maps.

As you can see, choices are limited when it comes to electric scooter hire in Lanzarote, but that’s because most people are using the LINK app.

electric scooter lanzarote
Don’t drink and ride your e-scooter in Lanzarote!

What is the top speed of an electric scooter in Lanzarote?

The electric scooters available for hire in Lanzarote can reach speeds up to 25 kph

Do you need a driving licence to ride an e-scooter in Lanzarote?

No, you don’t need to have a full driving licence to rent an electric scooter in Lanzarote.

Prefer a four-wheel adventure in Lanzarote?

I do love zipping around beach promenades on an electric scooter, but it doesn’t compare to driving an off-road buggy up a volcano. I mean, not much can compare to that.  

If you’re planning on adding a few daily excursions to your Lanzarote holiday you should definitely check out the guided volcano buggy tour. It’s the most popular activity on the island.

So, if you were wondering if Lanzarote has electric scooters and how you can get one during your holiday I hope this post has given you all the info you need. I only used the LINK app while I was there as I wanted the convenience of riding as and when I wanted to. 

Plus, unlike Tenerife, there aren’t many other options when it comes to e-scooter hire in Lanzarote, and there are tons of scooters available in all of the busy spots on the island. So, my advice is to download the LINK app.

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