Sports Bars in Koh Lanta – The Best Places To Watch The Match

Koh Lanta is not exactly loaded with sports bars all over the island. The good news, though, is that there are still a few great pubs to watch the match. So, let’s get to them, these are the best sports bars in Koh Lanta in 2024. 

koh lanta sports bars

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Quick Guide to the Best Sports Bars in Koh Lanta

Don’t fancy reading a whole post about where to go, here’s a super-quick guide to the best sports pubs in Koh Lanta to watch a match in 2023.

My favourite sports bar in Koh Lanta is The Irish Embassy.

If you prefer to relax in a classy sports bar to watch the match, head to Harry’s Sports Bar.

That’s surely the shortest-ever guide to sports bars in Koh Lanta. If you’ve still got some energy in you, why not read on to see why these are the best places to watch sport and where else you can go to watch a match on the island.

Ultimate guide to the best bars to watch live sport in Koh Lanta

Here’s all the info you need to know about the best sports bars in Koh Lanta. Have fun out there.

1. The Irish Embassy – My favourite sports bar in Koh Lanta

If you always feel comfortable in an Irish Pub on your travels. I have a great one here that doubles up as a sports bar in the heart of Koh Lanta. The Irish Embassy fights homesickness with Sky Sports, pints of Guinness and traditional pub grub. 

sports bars koh lanta guinness
The best Guinness in Koh Lanta

When there are loads of games kicking off at the same time they show them all here, and if you get the right spot you can watch at least three at the same time.

If you’re looking for the best sports bar in Koh Lanta to watch the Rugby Six Nations, this is my recommendation. 

The outdoor terrace features, with many pub benches, is what makes this my favourite sports bar in Koh Lanta. And that’s because three screens are pointing out to the terrace, meaning you can soak up the late evening sun while watching an early click-off. 

Another thing that sets The Irish Embassy apart from the other sports bars on the island is its fantastic food menu. If a pint of Guinness isn’t enough of the black stuff, why not combine it with their famous beef and Guinness stew? 

If a sweaty stew isn’t your thing, they have plenty of other traditional and Thai options. Including loads of great vegan dishes, which is a rarity in a sports bar in Thailand, trust me!

watch sport in koh lanta
99 THB pints of Chang

More important than the grub are the beers on offer. There are loads to choose from, including Chang at 99 THB for a pint, or a Guinness for 290 THB.

Opening Hours: 14:00 – 01:00

Address: 233 moo 2, Prae Ae, Sala Dan, Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand

2. Harry’s Sports Bar – A classy place to watch sport

Harry’s Sports Bar is a modern little sports bar in Koh Lanta. Inside, you’ll find loads of high tables and a relaxed atmosphere. If you hate sitting on bar stools for hours, that’s the only option you have here. They are comfy though. 

They don’t serve food at this sports bar, but there’s plenty of alcohol to choose from.  There are four big-screen TVs and a pool table so you can play some sport while watching the match on TV. 

As with any decent sports bar, they are happy to put on whatever you want to watch and have access to pretty much every sport you could ever need.

Address: 390, Sala Dan, Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand

3. JJ Bar Koh Lanta – A semi-sports bar

While not the biggest sports bar in Koh Lanta, JJ Bar offers a cool and laid-back environment for sports fans. This bar has a couple of TV screens that show sport all day long, as well as a darts board and pool table.

sport pub koh lanta
Darts, F1 and pizza are available here

What’s unique about JJ Bar is that it’s open 24 hours, making it a go-to spot for those who want to watch matches at any hour of the day. The real reason it’s always open is because of the extras that are on offer to anyone interested. But don’t let that put you off, it’s still a great relaxed place to watch sport and have a couple of beers if that’s all your after.

Address: 81150 Koh Lanta Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand

4. Game On Sports Bar – Is it open?

Located further south than the others, Game On Sports Bar offers a decent sports-watching experience. However, please check on Google because they were closing for a refurb soon after I visited and Google still says it’s ‘temporarily closed’. 

It’s worth checking for the current status because Game On Sports Bar was one of the best sports bars in Koh Lanta before it closed. And it’s situated in a beautiful area of Koh Lanta.

Address: 4245, Ko Lanta Yai, Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand

So there you have it, the three and a half best sports bars in Koh Lanta. There are plenty of pubs to watch the match while enjoying your travels through Thailand. Enjoy!

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