Sports Bars in Lombok – The 3 Best in 2023

Need to find somewhere to watch a big match? You’re in luck because there are plenty of good sports bars in Lombok. Here are, in my opinion, the only three you need to know about…

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Your travel guide to the best sports bars in Lombok

All major sports are catered for, so whether you need to watch an English Premier League game, an AFL or NRL match, or an F1 race, they will all be shown in one if not all of the sports bars on this list.

Circuit Sport Bar, Grill & Resto – The best sports bar in Lombok

In my opinion, Circuit Sport Bar is clearly the best place to watch live sports in Lombok. 

Firstly it’s in the heart of Kuta which is the liveliest area of the island, and secondly, it is just a great bar that has a really cool traveller vibe, and it stays open late. Which is very important when it comes to watching live sport in Lombok.

Here are some other reasons why it’s the best sports bar in Lombok.

  • Cheap drinks. Bintang costs 35,000 and cocktails are only 50,000
  • Loads of good TVs showing live sport
  • A real beer garden feel with tons of benches to sit at
  • A great food menu
  • They have a pool table
watch live sport in lombok
Football comes second to Aussie sports in Lombok

Circuit Sports Bar in Lombok is open from 11 am to midnight seven days a week. 

Address: Kuta, Pujut, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

De Upper Deck – The best sports bar near Senggigi

This sports bar in Lombok is located on top of Temptations Cafe and Bakery near Senggigi.

It’s not as big or as sporty as Circuit Sports Bar down in Kuta, but it does have something they don’t have; a darts board. So if you want to throw a few arrows while watching live sports on one of the three big-screen TVs, this is the sports bar for you.

It’s open every day, but only from 16:00 – 22:00, so you can’t watch everything you want here. 

It’s located near the coast to the north of Senggini. Here’s a link to the exact location of this sports bar in Lombok on Google Maps.

Sunwave Sports Bar and Restaurant – A basic but beautiful sports bar in Lombok

Here we have another sports bar up in Senggigi but is nothing like De Upper Deck. Sunwave is a classic shack bar with amazing service, very cheap beer and on big TV showing live sport all day long.

And I mean all day. It opens from 8:30 until 01:00 seven days a week. And chances are if the live sport you want to watch goes on later than 1 a.m. someone will keep the bar open for you. It’s nice and relaxed like that at Sunwave Sports Bar.

As well as the cheap beer, they also knock up loads of good food at good prices. One other thing I love is their free snacks and drink promos when a big game’s on TV. For last year’s State of The Origin games, they offered cheap draught beer until the first try was scored. 

sports bar lombok beer
Who doesn’t love cheap beer?!?

Overall, Sunwave is the best sports bar in Lombok if you still want to keep that island vibe going. What I mean is, that many sports bars in this corner of the world turn themselves into shiny Western-themed bars, and some of us don’t want that. We want the charm and chilled vibe of a bar put together by a couple of fellas with some old wood they found, that serves cheap cold beer. 

Sunwave keeps all of that but it also shows live sport. If you’re European and expect your football to take precedence over Aussie sport think again, as with the sport, Aussie rules in this bar!

Here’s a link to where you’ll find it

So there you have them, the best sports bars in Lombok. If you think any others are worthy of a place on my very prestigious list, please drop me a message and I’ll happily check them out.

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