Scooter Rental In Kanchanaburi – Your 2024 Guide To Get Riding 

I loved Kanchanaburi and it was made all the better by having a trusty 125cc steed between my legs most of the time. It’s one of those peaceful Thai towns, surrounded by rolling hills that are just begging to be zipped around on two wheels. Which is why I’ve created this quick and easy guide to scooter rental in Kanchanaburi. Start your engines…

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A Super Short Guide to Motorbike Rental in Kanchanaburi

If you don’t have the time (or the attention span) to read my whole post don’t worry, here is the world’s shortest, but incredibly informative, guide to renting a scooter in Kanchanaburi…

The Cost

The best price I found for daily scooter rental in Kanchanaburi, from a reputable rental company, is 200 THB (about €5). This is for a standard 125cc bike. You’ll also need a deposit of 1,000 THB. The standard price is 250 THB per day from most places.

Where to Get One

I’ll tell you about the four best places to rent a scooter in more detail later on, but if you just want my number one recommendation, it’s OK Bike Rental.

Ride Legally

You won’t want to hear it but you do need a licence to ride a scooter in Thailand (and pretty much everywhere else too). The particular licence you need is called an International Driving Permit, or IDP for short. 

You can get one from your own country or if you’re already travelling check out the International Drivers Association as they can email one to you. You can get 10% off by using code IDPsketchy10.

That was your super short guide to renting a scooter in Kanchanaburi. If it’s left you hungry for more info then why not join me for the more detailed guide? You know you want to!

Your Ultimate Guide to Renting a Scooter in Kanchanaburi

We’ll start with the best places to hire a scooter in Kanchanaburi, then cover exactly how much it will cost, all you need to know about legally renting a motorbike in Thailand and where to ride to in and around Kanchanaburi. Let’s go.

Where to Rent a Scooter in Kanchanaburi

Right then, let’s look at the four best places in town to rent a motorbike.

OK Bike Rental – My Top Choice

I’d class OK Bike Rental as the best place for scooter rental in Kanchanaburi. Here’s why:

The prices are good. 250 baht per day, which is standard, but the bikes are in great condition and you can get a better deal on weekly and monthly rentals. The deposit is 1000 THB and a copy of your passport.

best kanchanaburi scooter hire

The owner is super friendly. I know most people in Thailand could be called that, but this guy is way above the standard level. I guess it’s probably just ‘Thai salesman level’ but I don’t care, he was great. And I genuinely believed that if there was any problem with my bike he would have sorted it at any time of day.

There’s a big selection of bikes. So for those of you more daring than me on my 125cc Honda, you can get something much more powerful, a proper motorbike if you will. 

You can go to the rental shop or contact them before on WhatsApp if you want them to reserve a bike for you and avoid any face-to-face haggling. 

Address: 232/6 ถนนแม่น้ำแคว ท่ามะขาม เมือง Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

WhatsApp: +66888522929

Opening times: 08:00 – 18:00

Cha Car and Motorcycle Rent – Another Great Option

Next up on my list of where to rent a scooter in Kanchanaburi is Cha Car and Motorcycle Rent.  Once again the staff are super friendly and they have a range of mopeds, scooters and motorbikes to suit any need.

They come highly recommended on TripAdvisor and Google reviews.

Prices are advertised at the standard 200 THB per day and the deposit is the usual copy of your passport and 1,000 THB.

Address: 233 River Kwai Rd, Ban Tai, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

WhatsApp: +66983819661

Opening times: 07:00 – 20:00

N.P. SHOP Motorcycle For Rent – Best for Dirty Laundry

Next up we have a double whammy; scooter rental and clean laundry! That’s because N.P. Shop doubles up as a bike hire store and a laundrette. 

Not only can you get your stinky pants cleaned, but you can also rent some of the cheapest scooters in Kanchanaburi. I rented a 125cc Honda for just 200 THB for one day, with no haggling.

The owners don’t speak English as well as the other places on this list but don’t let that put you off as they still spoke or gestured enough to make the transaction very easy.

Again the deposit is 1,000 THB or you can leave your actual passport with them. But surely 1,000 THB is the better option.

Address: 1/8 River Kwai Rd, Tha Ma Kham, Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

WhatsApp: +66940203716

Opening times: 08:00 – 20:00

Toz & Tang Bike Rental – Best for Chinese Speakers

Last but by no means least on my list of the best places for scooter rental in Kanchanaburi is Toz & Tang Bike Rental. 

I’ve added Toz & Tang for any Chinese speakers out there because these guys are fluent Chinese speakers. So if that’s something that would make you feel more comfortable about who you’re renting your motorbike from head to their shop or drop them a message on WhatsApp.

Address: 9, 4, Tambon Ban Tai, เมือง Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

WhatsApp: +66621214509

Opening times: 07:00 – 21:00

The Cost of Scooter Rental In Kanchanaburi

Next let’s look in more detail at answering the question: ‘How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Kanchanaburi?’

If you just want a scooter for one day it’s likely to cost you 250 THB. That’s the standard one-day rental price for a 125cc Honda or similar. 

Yes, you might get one cheaper from a guy at a convenience store but always be cautious when renting from places that aren’t established motorbike hire shops. Most people are kind and friendly in Thailand, but there are always some bad eggs out there too.

You need to pay a deposit too and for that, you have two options; pay a chunk of cash, usually 1,000 THB and let them take a photocopy of your passport, or you can just hand over your passport. My advice is unless you really can’t get hold of the cash, always take the cash option. As a traveller, your passport is the most precious thing you own.

Fuel is crazy cheap, so don’t even worry about how much that will cost, just make sure you have some cash on you while driving, especially if you’re planning to go off adventuring the local area. Most rental companies will give you at least half a tank when you rent the scooter, and that will get you a long way.

The Rules of Riding a Scooter in Thailand

Next up, the boring part, the rules. But if you want to ride legally there are a few things that you really should do, the first could even be done before you leave home, and that is to get the right licence.

 scooter rental kanchanaburi

Get an IDP

You do need a licence to legally ride a scooter in Thailand. That’s a fact. You might not think so because the rental companies don’t often ask you for one. It’s not their concern if you have a licence or not, but it is of interest to the local police.

The licence you need isn’t your standard one from home, it’s called an International Driving Permit, or IDP for short. You can get this from your home country (from the Post Office in the UK) or if you’re already travelling you can get one emailed to you from the International Drivers Association

Don’t forget that you can get 10% off by using code IDPsketchy10.

The IDP isn’t free but you can get one that lasts for three years and it’s cheaper than getting fined by the local police. Every time I’ve been stopped I’ve shown my IDP and been sent on my way with no problems.

Don’t Drink and Ride

This is a pretty self-explanatory one. It’s easy to get whipped up into the ‘living free’ lifestyle while in Kanchanaburi and feel like you’re invincible. But you’re not. You will still crash and get in big trouble with the police if you’re caught drunk on a motorbike. So don’t do it, and treat it the same as you should back home.

scooter rental kanchanaburi

Wear a Helmet

Another one that shouldn’t need reiterating but it really does. Yes, you’ll see loads of people riding around Kanchanaburi without one, but that doesn’t mean you should copy them. If you hung around at the local hospital you’d probably see some of them coming in with smashed skulls, but who wants to hang around the hospital? 

Your chosen scooter rental company in Kanchanaburi should give you helmets, so wear them, surely you’re hair can’t be clean by this stage of your travels anyway so who cares if it’s a bit messy too?

Is it Worth Renting a Scooter?

In my experience, it’s definitely worth renting a scooter in Kanchanaburi. The town is quiet and peaceful meaning that even a complete beginner shouldn’t get too scared. The main reason why hiring a motorbike in Kanchanaburi is so good is the ability it gives you to explore the local countryside.

There are loads of random sights like waterfalls, bridges and national parks to entertain you as stop-offs on your scooter tour. The best thing to do is check out Get Your Guide’s list of the most popular attractions in Kanchanaburi and plan your route from there. The beauty is you don’t need to book any of their guided tours because you’ve got your own wheels!

So there you have it, your ultimate guide to scooter rental in Kanchanaburi is complete. If, like me, you love to hunt out sports bars on your travels as well as ride scooters, here’s my post about the best sports bars in Kanchanaburi.

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