Sports Bars In Khao Lak – Where To Watch The Match

Khao Lak might be famous for its chilled-out lazy beach vibes, but this unspoiled Thai paradise still has some decent options when it comes to watching live sports on TV. I spent a few days here in March, and as I always do, I went hunting for the best sports bars in town. So, if you need a pub to kick back and watch the match, here’s all you need to know.

best sports bars khao lak

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A Quick Guide

This won’t take long because there are only three places worthy of being called a sports bar in this part of Thailand. That’s not to say there aren’t other bars dotted around with a screen or two, but I’m all about promoting proper sports bars for serious sports fans, so if there’s a big match that you want to watch, safe in the knowledge that it won’t be usurped by a karaoke night, these are the spots for you.

Moose’s Pub – A Modern Sports Bar

Let’s start with my favourite and without a doubt the best sports pub in Khao Lak, if not the whole of Thailand. Ok, I might be getting a bit carried away, as I’ve already visited loads of amazing sports bars in Thailand, but Moose’s Pub does deserve to be up there with the best of them, especially when talking about traditional pubs.

You’ll find six big screen TVs showing every type of live sport that you could wish to watch. If there’s no live sport on at that moment they won’t switch them off, expect sky sports news or highlights of classic old sport from the past. 

How about playing sport too?

If you fancy playing a bit of sport while watching the match, this is the place to be. There’s a top-quality pool table and a foosball table inside that are both free to play. I do love that about Southeast Asia, free pool tables. Back in England, you have to pay around £2 per game!

Another big plus to this sports pu is that they have space for big groups. Who doesn’t love a big booth for a sport-watching sesh with your mates? Moose’s Pub has booths big enough to house 12 people.

pool tables

The place is clean and modern but it’s not tacky in any way. Along with the huge TVs and bar games, there’s also an incredible food menu, drinks deals including a daily happy hour, and an amazing pint of draught Guinness on offer.

khao lak guinness

Shiny taps and Guinness aside, it’s the sport that we care about the most, and so do the owners of Moose’s Pub. They really do show all kinds of sports here. European and English football are the most popular, along with Aussie sports too of course, this is Thailand after all. As with every great sports bar, feel free to ask if they’re not showing the match, race or fight that you want to watch. Nine times out of ten they will happily accommodate your request. They even found and were happy to put on my beloved Birmingham City. I’m not sure the other punters around the screen were so delighted but I was very thankful.

Reserve a table

If a big group of you and you fancy watching sport from the comfort of one of their booths, you can reserve a table online to ensure that you don’t miss out.

I’ll tell you about two other sports bars in Khao Lak, but in my honest opinion, if you’re a serious sports fan this is the sports pub for you.

Address: 67/276 Moo 5, Khukkak, Takua Pa District, Thailand

Green Mamba Bar – Beach Hut Vibes

If you want to keep the Thai paradise feel while watching the match, Green Mamba Bar is the bar you should head to.

I loved my evening at Green Mamba Bar, sitting outside, watching the world go by, enjoying the sunset all while watching a Premier League game, all without a care in the world. They have that real chilled-out Thai vibe in abundance here.

It’s not all about the vibe though. For a small beach hut-style bar, they still take sport seriously. There are four TV screens and a big projector. Most of them face out to the terrace, which is a big bonus for smokers. Especially when it’s a nail-biting match and a full box of twenty is needed to get through it.

aussie sports

In regards to the sport, they’ve got it all. As well as the EPL match, I watched an NRL game when I was there. I had no idea what was happening but the beer was flowing and the atmosphere was buzzing. They were also promoting a UFC fight that, if my maths is right, was starting at 11:00 am local time. Unfortunately, I was leaving the next morning, because breakfast and UFC seemed like a good combo to me.

The food menu is what you’d expect from an Aussie sports bar in Thailand, with some local dishes along with Western staples. I went for the “Aussie Special” consisting of pie, chips and beer. 

It’s nice and cheap here too. Cocktails were priced at 150 THB and beers started from 70 for Chang and Leo.

Address: 5, 42 Phet Kasem Rd, Ban Khao Lak, Thailand

Black Jack Bar – For the Cocktail Lovers

Last on the list, and deserving of its third place, is Black Jack Bar. It’s not last because it’s a shoddy bar, it’s just not as bothered about showing live sports as the other two. 

There are a couple of TVs inside and they definitely show EPL football because I watched a game there, but I didn’t see any signs up showing a schedule of what else they show.

beer and football khao lak

The positives are that they do great cocktails here and the bar food (fried stuff in baskets) is surprisingly good!

Overall it’s a chilled-out bar with an outdoor vibe. Not so much a dedicated sports bar but still a great option for watching sport in Khao Lak.

Address: Lam Kaen, Thai Mueang District, Phang-nga 82210, Thailand

And there ends your guide to the best sports pubs in Khao Lak, Thailand!

Other things to do in Khao Lak

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I always use Get Your Guide to get a feeling of the best tours and trips available in any area. Sometimes I book with them, especially when it comes to boat trips, otherwise, I use my scooter to explore the local delights. 

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