The Best Sports Bars in Hua Hin to Watch The Match in 2024

Looking for a great spot to watch live sport in Hua Hin? Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to enjoy a game over some good food and drinks, Hua Hin has several sports bars that do the job nicely. And don’t worry, just because I’m a football lovin’ stick man, I’ve still found spots that show all sports including, rugby, boxing, AFL, NFL, Formula 1 and pretty much anything else you could possibly want. Here’s your go-to guide for the top sports bars in Hua Hin in 2024.

best sports bars hua hin

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What Makes a Great Sports Bar in Hua Hin?

A top-notch sports bar should have plenty of screens, a good selection of drinks and maybe even some tasty food. In Hua Hin, the best spots deliver on all these, so there’s no need to miss a minute of the action.

Best Sports Bars in Hua Hin in 2024:

Right then, let’s get started shall we, here are the six best places to watch live sport in Hua Hin.

1. Father Teds – My go-to sports pub in Hua Hin

Father Ted’s is a well-equipped sports pub with loads of screens dotted around the place. It’s perfect for English football fans but with so many TVs they’re able to show anything you want. If they’re not showing what you want to see just ask and they’ll do their best to accommodate you.

They’re known for their quality Western food, offering favourites like Sunday roasts, club sandwiches, Irish stew, and a hearty Irish breakfast. Their Guinness is one of the best I’ve had anywhere in Thailand, along with an excellent selection of draught beers.

best sports bars hua hin

Upstairs, they’ve got a pool table and dart board for some friendly competition while waiting for kick-off. And they’ve often got live music adding to the lively vibe. Unsurprisingly whether it’s a big match day or not this place is usually busy, creating a great atmosphere. The staff are super friendly too making it one of the best, if not the best sports bar in Hua Hin. 

Location: 19 Damnernkasem Road, Hua Hin, Amphoe Hua Hin

Opening Hours: 9:00 – 00:00

2. Wild Hawks Sportsbar – Bring your own food

In their own words, Wild Hawks Sportsbar is an extension of your living room. It’s a modern and clean sports bar centrally located in Hua Hin. It’s the perfect spot for sports lovers to watch a game, race or fight in Hua Hin. 

They’ve got four big screens meaning the sport you want will likely be on one screen or another. They show everything from the English Premier League to Aussie sports, big boxing and UFC fights and all Formula 1 races. 

best sports pubs hua hin

They’ve got ice-cold beers and small ones only cost 55 baht. And you can even play a game of pool while you wait for your sport to start.

There’s no food menu in the bar, or at least there wasn’t when I was last there, but you’re welcome to order from nearby restaurants, which I like because you’ve more choice of what you can eat. 

Everyone who works there is super friendly and when the game is on there’s always a great atmosphere, but if it’s a big game make sure to get there early because it can get busy. 

Location: 10, 456 Hua Hin 94/1 Alley, Hua Hin

Opening Hours: 15:30 – 01:00

3. Sports at Murphy’s – A casual Irish pub

Sports at Murphy’s is a cosy Irish pub in Hua Hin where many sports fans like to watch their favourite games. It has outdoor seating and a friendly vibe, making you feel right at home. 

They offer a good selection of beers, including Guinness for 189 Baht. And a Chang is only 90 Baht.

best sports pubs hua hin

The pub has several big screens showing all kinds of sports like AFL, Rugby, NHL, and football. They’re open to showing any sport you want to watch just ask. 

They serve good food too, you can even grab breakfast when you want to catch an early game.

You can also play pool for free here. It’s a relaxed place to enjoy sports, have a beer, and chill out.

Location: 25 Selakam Rd, Tambon Hua Hin

Opening Hours: 07:00 – 02:00 Tues – Sun

4. Break & Run Sports Bar – Best pool tables around

Break & Run Sports Bar is an open-air, clean and modern sports bar in Hui Hin. 

It’s a top spot for watching live sports, with plenty of TV screens including a big main screen and several smaller ones. They show lots of sports, especially English football like the FA Cup, Premier League, and EFL, as well as rugby.

In addition to all the live sports, it’s a great place for pool lovers, boasting 5 top-quality 9ft pool tables as well as many dart boards. They offer a wide range of beers at good prices, always served cold.

The staff are friendly, creating a welcoming vibe. 

Location: Soi 88/94, Tambon Hua Hin

Opening Hours: 16:00 – 00:00

5. Buckleys Bar – Best for expat Aussies

Buckley’s Bar is a favourite with Aussie sports fans showing all the live AFL and NRL games, but they’re happy to show other sports if you ask them. The place has just a few screens, but one of them is over the pool table, so you won’t miss any action while playing a game. 

where to watch sports hua hin

It’s a pretty popular bar with the local expat community and the owners are known for their friendliness, making everyone feel welcome. It’s quite small inside, but this only helps to create a great atmosphere when there’s a big game on. 

Location: 63 Chum Chon Ban Ang Nam Soi 1, Hua Hi

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 02-00 every day

6. Game on Bar Hua Hin – A party bar with beer pong

Game on Bar Hua Hin is your go-to sports bar for any game you’re into – from English Football, Rugby, and AFL, to Formula 1, and anything else you fancy. With a few well-placed screens, you won’t miss any live action. The bar offers pool tables and beer pong, making it a great spot for a fun night after the match.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and casual, perfect for kicking back and enjoying your favourite sports. It’s the ideal spot for those who want to watch the footy without any fuss.

Location: 32 Selakam Rd, Hua Hin

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 02:00

Tips for Watching Sport in Hua Hin

Arrive Early: For big games, these places can fill up fast. Get there early to make sure you get a seat with a perfect view of the screen.

Check Schedules: Most bars list what games they’ll be showing on their websites or social media, so you can plan your visit.

Don’t be shy, just ask: Nine times out of ten if you ask they will be more than happy to put on any match, race, game or fight you want to see. 


Hua Hin has a pretty good selection of sports bars with loads of screens, showing whatever live sport you want to see including AFL, NRL, the Premier League, rugby, boxing, Formula 1 and even a bit of cricket if that’s your thing. Whether you’re sticking around in Hua Hin for a bit or just passing through, these spots will mean you don’t have to miss any of your favourite spots.

If you’re planning on renting a scooter in Hua Hin I’ve got all the info you need to know. As I have for jetskiing.

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