Phu Quoc Scooter Rental 2024 – Your Quick Guide to Get Riding

Is there anything much better than zipping around a tropical island on two wheels? I can’t think of anything, well nothing you could tell the grandkids about anyway. So, while chilling out on Vietnam’s most popular island why not hire a motorbike and go explore? You know it makes sense, so here’s a quick guide to Phu Quoc scooter rental in 2024.

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A Super Quick Guide to Phu Quoc Scooter Rental

If your modern brain doesn’t allow you to spend more than 30 seconds on one topic, here’s a super short guide to all the key info you need to know before renting a scooter in Phu Quoc.

Where to get a motorbike in Phu Quoc 

99% of scooter rental stores are in the Long Beach area on the east side of the island. My personal favourite is Motorbike Rental Phu Quoc.

The cost of scooter rental

The average daily rate to rent a 110-125cc bike from a reputable store in Phu Quoc is 150,000 VND per day (about $6). You can get bikes cheaper but I’m only talking about the established, reputable scooter rental stores on the island.

Have the right licence

To legally ride a scooter in Phu Quoc (and pretty much everywhere on your travels) you need an International Driving Permit. Without one your insurance is probably invalid and the police can issue you with a fine. They’re not free, but last for years and they’re cheaper than a fine. Get one emailed to you from the guys at the International Drivers Association.

There’s the short version. If you’re still with me and want to know more about scooter rental in Phu Quoc, keep scrolling.

Phu Quoc Scooter Rental – Where to Get One

Here are, in my opinion, the four best places to rent a scooter in Phu Quoc. I’m not saying they’re the only places, but these are great options on the island. 

Motorbike Rental Phu Quoc – Set prices and online booking

You’re not going to get a better service than what Mr Denis provides. He’ll pick you up from the port when you arrive and ride you to your accommodation where you’re scooter will be waiting for you. 

Another bonus is that his prices are clear and transparent on his website, so no haggling is needed. If you want a long-term rental of a scooter in Phu Quoc you’ll get some great rates from Mr Denis. Daily rates range from 170,000 to 100,000 VND per day depending on how long you want the bike for.

phu quoc scooter rental easy
Renting a scooter from Mr Denis is this easy

The cherry on top is that you don’t need to pay a deposit. A real bonus in the world of scooter rental in Asia. 

Whatsapp: +84359140825

Location: Next to Guan Di Temple (but he’ll deliver and collect from you)

Hey Phu Quoc – Another online booking option

These guys are pretty similar to Mr Denis, they just don’t have Mr Denis so come 2nd on my list of the best places to rent a scooter in Phu Quoc.

You can check out the bikes and prices on their website. There’s no mention of long-term rental discounts but I know for a fact that they do, you just have to haggle a bit to get a good one.

As with most modern scooter rental stores in Phu Quoc, they bring the bikes to you and collect them when you’re finished. Just contact them on WhatsApp or through their website.

Whatsapp: +84976859166

Location: Đường Bạch Đằng, Phú Quốc, Kiên Giang 92500, Vietnam

Motorbike (Scooter) For Rent and Laundry Store – Wash & Ride

Here’s a great option for those of you who prefer to do things the old way and actually go and get your scooter. 

At Motorbike (Scooter) For Rent and Laundry Store, the clues in the name. Not only can you rent a scooter, you can get your laundry done too. 

phu quoc scooter rental

It’s a local store with friendly staff who will go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy with your bike and know the best places to go and explore. My 125cc Honda was in great condition and even came with a near-full tank of petrol.

You can just turn up and see what they can do for you, but if you want to check ahead send them a message.

WhatsApp: +84968613868

Address: 90 Đường Trần Hưng Đạo, Phú Quốc, Kiên Giang, Vietnam

The Adventure Scooter – Best for big bikes

Last on my list of the go-to places to rent a scooter in Phu Quoc is The Adventure Scooter. If you think 125cc bikes are for toddlers and desire something much more powerful between your legs this is the place for you.

They still have plenty of standard bikes for us who are happy to casually meander around on two wheels, but they have plenty of 350cc bikes available for rent too.

The owner speaks perfect English, so if you want to enquire about what beasts you can get your hands on while in Phu Quoc drop him a line on +84907057695.

Address: 139 Đường Trần Hưng Đạo, Phú Quốc, Kiên Giang 31078, Vietnam

Phu Quoc Scooter Rental – The Rules 

Now you know where to rent a bike in Phu Quoc, let’s look at the rules, because you don’t want to be getting fined now do you?

motorbike rental

Get the right licence

If you want to ride legally in Vietnam you need an International Driving Permit. That’s a fact. Many travellers don’t have one, but they’ll get fined if they get stopped.

The scooter rental shops don’t care, it’s your problem whether you have the right license or not, so just because you can rent a scooter doesn’t mean you can legally ride it. 

If you’ve not got one you can get one emailed to you from the guys at the International Drivers Association. It’s not free but it lasts for years and is cheaper than getting fined by the local police.

Use the code IDPSketchy10 at the checkout stage to get your 10% off.

Don’t drink and ride

A self-explanatory rule, don’t drink alcohol and ride a scooter in Vietnam. The police are on the lookout for you if you do. Your chance of having an accident is way higher, and taxis are cheap. So just don’t bother.

phu quoc scooter rental
Don’t drink and ride

Wear a helmet

Last but by no means least, wear a helmet. Again, many travellers won’t but why does that mean you should follow their bad example? Yes it’s hot, and I’m sure it ruins your hair, but accidents are common and helmets save lives. So it’s a pretty simple equation.

How much does Phu Quoc scooter rental cost?

If you’re not fussy about who you rent from, you might be able to get a scooter for one day as low as 100,000 VND (about $4), but be careful, often cheap comes with extra risks. If you use one of the more reputable scooter rental companies, like the ones above, it’s more like 150,000 – 170,000 per day. That’s at most, $2 more, surely a price worth paying to have peace of mind that you’re not renting from a bad egg who might try to scam you.

phu quoc scooter rental
Be on the lookout for Bag Eggs!!

If you want weekly or monthly scooter rental you can expect the price to come down a bit, maybe from 170,000 to 100,000 VND per day.

On top of the daily rate, you might need to leave a security deposit when you rent a scooter in Phu Quoc. Usually, the rental shop will ask for a copy of your passport and a cash amount. My top choice Motorbike Rental Phu Quoc doesn’t ask for a deposit.

There you have it, your ultimate guide to Phu Quoc scooter rental in 2024. Have fun out there. And if you fancy watching some sport while on the island, here’s my guide to the best sports bars in Phu Quoc.

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