Palolem Beach Kayaking

It’s fair to say that if you’re going to be spending some time in the slanty palm tree paradise that is South Goa, you’re unlikely to want to do anything too strenuous. The walk from the bar to the ocean is about as far as your legs need to take you. There is however one physical activity that you should do, and that is Palolem Beach kayaking.    

Palolem Beach Kayaking
Palolem Beach Kayaking

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Your 2024 Guide To Kayaking in Palolem

Here’s all you need to know about kayaking in Palolem. If you’re wondering if you can be bothered with the exercise, don’t worry it’s not exactly a challenge. If anything it’s the best way to really take in the glory of what is, in my very humble opinion, the best beach in the world! Yes, I like it very much!

What you get from jumping aboard a kayak, is the ability to get a panoramic view of the entire 1,600 metres of perfectly curved coastline. It’s a view that I’ve not managed to rival since first setting eyes on it back in 2017. Brazil, if you’re reading this, I look forward to your attempts to claim the top spot soon!

Allow me to give you some answers to some common questions you might have about the most popular Palolem Beach water sport.   

How much does Palolem Beach kayaking cost?

The standard rate is Rs.100 for one hour. This equates to about $1.25. Yes, that’s one dollar, twenty-five cents!

Where can I rent a kayak at Palolem Beach?

Fitting with the easy lifestyle, renting a kayak at Palolem Beach is as simple as getting your hands on a cold bottle of Kingfisher. Most of the beach bars, hotels and restaurants offer kayaks. So you don’t have to do much more than open your eyes to find one.

Is there a guided kayaking tour available?

Yes, there is. It costs Rs.600 per person and lasts an hour. You can read all about it here.

Is Palolem Beach kayaking safe?

If you’ve managed to reach Palolem Beach either by taxi or tuk-tuk then you’ve already risked your life as much as you will until you get back onto the road and off to the next destination. What I mean is, travelling by road in India is much more dangerous than paddling around on a kayak in Palolem.

Of course, the ocean is a dangerous beast, and the level of lifeguarding in Goa isn’t quite at a Hasselhoff standard, so I wouldn’t recommend setting off on a voyage just after drinking the bar dry of the local Royal Stag whisky! There are always life jackets available and in my experience, the kayaks are all more than up to the job of staying afloat!

But beware!!

One danger to consider when kayaking in Palolem is when you make your return to dry land. We wanted to arrive in style, but after failing to catch any fun waves on our way back to shore we accepted that we would just calmly drift back, step out and drag the canoe back up the beach, like a pair of losers.

How wrong we were!

At the last minute, a rogue wave forced itself into the shallows and took control of us, we flew towards the shore, and with it, straight towards a little girl who’d come over to rest on our landing site. This was a real ‘oh shit!’ moment. Two adults hurtling in a plastic dart towards a helpless toddler, with no control over what happened next. 

Palolem Beach Kayaking
“Get out the way little girl!!”

The dart literally stopped millimetres from her leg! She seemed none-the-wiser and was clueless about her near-death experience. We were in shock, but luckily, in Palolem, there’s always a bar close by to settle your nerves!

So, yes, you should absolutely partake in some Palolem Beach kayaking action. Just try not to kill or maim any youngsters on your way back to shore! 

Looking for more adventures in Goa?

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