Nha Trang Scooter Rental 2024 – A Quick Guide to Get Riding

Here’s everything you need to know about motorcycle hire in Nha Trang. I’ll tell you where to get one, how much you should pay and how to ride legally while in Vietnam. So, if that’s what you’re after let’s get to it. Here’s my guide to Nha Trang scooter rental in 2024…

nha trang scooter rental

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Super Short Guide to Scooter Rental in Nha Trang

If you’re just here for the key information, here are the highlights just for you:

What’s a good price?

Renting a scooter in Nha Trang will cost from 100,000 VND ($4-5) per day. That’s based on a standard 110cc bike and for a 24-hour rental. 

Where to rent a bike from

I’ll tell you about the four best places to rent a scooter in Nha Trang, but if you want my No.1 recommendation it’s MOTO4FREE.

Ride legally

I hate to tell you, but you need a licence to legally ride a scooter in Nha Trang and all of Vietnam. That licence is called an International Driving Permit (IDP). Luckily you can easily get one using that link. 

That’s the super short guide. Keep reading if you want to know even more about scooter rental in Nha Trang.

Where to Rent a Scooter in Nha Trang

Let’s start with where you can get your hands on a motorbike in the coastal Vietnamese city of Nha Trang. There are bike hire stores all over the place and you can of course always get one one from your hostel or hotel. But, if you want to rent a scooter from a reputable store with loads of positive reviews, these are the ones for you:

MOTO4FREE – My Favourite Rental Store in Town 

Don’t let the name fool you, the motorbikes aren’t free here. The prices are good, the best on this list in fact, but there is nothing free here except for a helmet and a phone holder. Don’t let that put you off though, as MOTO4FREE is my go-to place when I need to rent a scooter in Nha Trang.

nha trang scooter rental

There’s a huge range of bikes to rent, so whether you want a 50cc crawler or a 155cc beast, you’ll find them all on their website

If you want something cheap and cheerful, they have both electric and 110cc scooters available for just 100,000 VND per day. 

You’ll need to pay a deposit before renting a bike from them. They’ll take your passport or £200, which is a standard deposit all over Vietnam.

They recommend making contact by WhatsApp before arriving so they can have a scooter ready for you. But you can just turn up at the rental shop if that’s more your style.

Whatsapp: +84337824636

Address: 120/50 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, Tân Lập, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000, Vietnam

Opening times: 07:30 – 22:00

Thuê Xe Máy Nha Trang San Hô Việt – Highly Recommended

I’ll leave it to you to try to pronounce the name of this bike rental store in Nha Trang as I haven’t got a clue. I do know that it’s the most recommended store in the city based on Google and Tripadvisor reviews. 

I’ve never used them personally but I few friends told me that they’re the best and the reviews would back up that fact. 

Whatsapp: +84934993599

Address:152 Hùng Vương, Lộc Thọ, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000, Vietnam

MotoVietnam – Best for Long Distance Bike Rental

What I mean by ‘long distance bike rental’ is that they don’t really care how far you go on one of their bikes. That might sound obvious but most scooter hire stores get twitchy if they think you’re off a wild road trip. 

I used these guys to rent a scooter for a trip to Dalat and back years ago, and I’m pleased to say they’re still around and push the fact that you can use their bikes for big trips. So if you’re planning an adventure further than the surrounding countryside, this could be the best option in Nha Trang for you. 

Whatsapp: +84706707160

Address:24 Biệt Thự, Lộc Thọ, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000, Vietnam

Motorbike Rental Nha Trang – A Good Cheap Option

Last on the list of the best places to rent a scooter in Nha Trang is the simply named Motorbike Rental Nha Trang. These guys are another well-priced option and definitely worth contacting if you can’t get one from the first two on the list.

WhatsApp: +84938936618

Address: 10/1 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, Nha Trang, 650000, Vietnam

The Price of Renting a Scooter in Nha Trang

As with every scooter rental in this part of the world, the longer you rent a bike the cheaper the daily rate becomes. Don’t expect this to be a huge discount though, the best I ever got was 50% less than the advertised rate, but that’s because I rented it for a month.

You can rent a 110cc bike in Nha Trang for 100,000 VND per day. That’s about $4. There is usually a security deposit to pay too. If you’re feeling brave you can just leave your original passport, but most renters take the cash option which is usually about 200 USD, which you can pay in local currency or dollars. 

If you want to rent a more powerful motorbike, a guide is that you’ll pay 150,000 VND for a 125cc bike and 200,000 VND for a 155cc. But as I said, if you rent for more than 24 hours you might get a better price. 

The Rules

Let’s get to the boring part, the rules of the road in Nha Trang and all over Vietnam. First things first, how to get the right licence.

You Need an International Driving Permit

I hate to break it to you but you do need a licence to ride a scooter in Vietnam. The particular license you need is called an International Driving Permit, or IDP for short. This is the document that the local police will want to see if they pull you over, and if you’re renting a scooter for a while there’s a good chance you’ll get stopped at least once.

If you’re still at home you can get an IDP from your post office. If you’re already travelling or just want to sort it all online, check out The International Drivers Association, as they can sort it and email it to you in minutes. 

I can get you 10% off your permit. Just use code ‘IDPSketchy10’ at the checkout and it’s all yours. 

Most scooter rental companies won’t ask to see your IDP, they don’t really care, but to legally ride a scooter in Nha Trang and pretty much everywhere else in Southeast Asia, you need an IDP.

Wear a Helmet

Here’s another unpopular one, you should wear a helmet when riding a scooter in Vietnam. Yes, you’ll see plenty of travellers riding without one but why copy them, they’re idiots and you’re skull is more valuable to you than you might imagine.

Don’t Drink and Drive

This rule is self-explanatory. Act like you would (or should) at home because the police in Vietnam will look for anything they can to make you pay a fine. 

hua hin motorbike rental

They’re not necessarily bad people, it’s just the way the world works in this sunny corner of it.

There you have it, you’re ultimate guide to Nha Trand scooter rental in 2024. Enjoy.

If you plan on renting a scooter in Da Nang on your travels check out my post on the very subject.

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