Electric scooter hire Malaga – Your 2024 Guide

It couldn’t be easier to ride an e-scooter while on holiday in sunny Malaga, there are thousands of them all over the city. To get one you’ll need to download an app. But which one? Three main players are offering Electric scooter hire in Malaga, here’s all you need to know.  

electric scooter hire malaga

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Electric scooter rental in Malaga – Your quick 2024 guide

What does it cost to rent an electric scooter in Malaga?

E-scooter-sharing apps all work similarly. Usually, there’s an ‘unlocking’ fee followed by a set price per minute. On average, to rent an electric scooter in Malaga it will cost you around €1.00 to unlock the e-scooter and then €0.25 per minute after that.

Best apps for e-scooter hire in Malaga

There are three main companies currently offering electric scooter rental in Malaga. They are Dott, Link and Voi. Yes, together they might sound like K-Pop stars but they are the apps you need to rent an e-scooter in Malaga. 

If you want to play the system, you can just download all three and maximise your chances of renting an electric scooter exactly where and when you want it.

Or, if storage space on your phone is at a premium, you’ll need to choose one, but which is best for your electric scooter needs in Malaga?

Dott – The cheapest app for electric scooters in Malaga 

You don’t see this very often, but Dott doesn’t have an unlocking fee. The only thing you pay f for the duration of the ride. They charge you €0.31 per minute to ride one of their e-scooters around Malaga.

Thirty-one cents per minute is the most expensive price per minute of any of the scooter-sharing apps in the city, but because most rides are short ones, I’m still classing it as the cheapest option when it comes to electric scooter rental in Malaga.

I’ve done the maths, and If you are riding for no more than nine minutes it is the cheapest. So. if you think you’ll only be looking for short trips around Malaga, you should check out Dott. It’s easy to download the app on their website.

If, though, you’re off on a long-distance journey of ten minutes or more, you need to check out the next option on the list.

VOI – The best e-scooter app in Malaga for long journeys.

If my maths is correct, VOI is the best option for long-term electric scooter hire in Malaga. That’s because even though they do charge a €1 unlocking fee, it’s only €0.20 per minute after that. 

So a ten-minute ride is going to cost you €3.00, and trust me, you can get a long way in ten minutes on one of these electric scooters in Malaga.

As with the other e-scooter-sharing apps in Malaga, you just need to download the app from their website and follow the very easy steps to set it all up.

Malaga Electric scooter rental
Don’t drink and ride an e-scooter in Malaga

Link – The third choice for electric scooter hire in Malaga

I didn’t use LINK when I was in Malaga, I saw their e-scooters and downloaded the app but it was always cheaper and easier to use Dott or Voi.

In 2023, Link was charging €1 to unlock an e-scooter and then €0.28 per minute thereafter. 

They don’t seem to have more options available when you look for one either. So, in my opinion, you should only bother downloading the LINK app if you are having problems with Dott or Voi. 

Yes, they are only eight cents more expensive than Voi, so it’s not a big price difference, but why bother paying more if you don’t have to? Save that money for something important, like an extra beer or plates of tapas.

Rules to rent an e-scooter in Malaga

As you’d expect there are rules that you must follow when renting an electric scooter in Malaga. Spanish folk may seem to be chilled without a care in the world, but surprisingly, they are living in a world full of rules and paperwork. 

Therefore you must know the rules before hiring an e-scooter in Malaga, or any Spanish city.

Each of the scooter-sharing apps that I just told you about will go through the basic rules with you as part of the setting up process. But here are some of the basic rules when it comes to electric scooter rental in Malaga…

  • You must be 18 or older to rent an e-scooter in Malaga
  • Only one rider per scooter – No matter how thin you might be!
  • Don’t ride on pavements or in pedestrian areas. The rules are the same as for bikes

There’s a new rule to share with you. As of January 2024, you can’t take an electric scooter on public transport in Malaga or the whole Andalucia region. Gutted if yours breaks down and you need to get somewhere, but they’re the rules.

Electric Scooter Hire in Malaga – FAQs

Let’s answer some of your burning questions about renting and riding an e-scooter in Malaga.

Do you need a driving license to rent an electric scooter in Malaga?

No, as the rules are similar for cyclists, you don’t need a driving licence to hire an e-scooter in Malaga.

How fast do the electric scooters go?

You’ll be able to reach a top speed of about 25 km/h on an e-scooter in Malaga. That’s much faster in reality than it sounds on paper.

Where’s the best place to ride an e-scooter around Malaga?

Most people rent an electric scooter to get from one part of Malaga to another. But, if you want to just enjoy the thrill of the wind in your hair, take your e-scooter for a ride up and down Malagueta Beach. There are plenty of quiet roads where you can legally push an e-scooter to its limit while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Don’t look around too much though, keep those eyes on the road!

So, there you have it, all the info you need about the best way to rent an electric scooter in Malaga, Enjoy!!

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