Digbeth Fun Fair 2024: All You Need To Know

It’s too early to be able to tell you all about the Digbeth Fun Fair this year. As soon as the organisers spill the beans I’ll tell you what to expect. Below’s all the info for last year’s fair.

Digbeth fun fair
Who doesn’t love the waltzers?!?

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Where is the Digbeth Fair 2023?

The new location for the Digbeth Fair has been confirmed. And as expected it has had to move from opposite The Old Crown up to the markets.

The full address for the 2023 Digbeth fair is:

Pershore street
B5 4RW

The entrance is on Pershore Street. Here’s a link to the location of the Digbeth summer fair on Google Maps.

When does the 2023 Digbeth Fun Fair open?

The 2023 Digbeth Fun Fair was due to open at 12 noon on July 14th.

But unfortunately, thanks to the beautiful British summer weather, the grand opening has been put back to 12 noon on Sunday 16th.

What are the rides at Digbeth Fun Fair?

As you’d hope and expect there are loads of rides and attractions at the Digbeth Fun Fair again this year, and they all still come with the added fear factor that you get from a travelling fair. You’ll find all the classics like bumper cars, waltzers, rickety mini-roller coasters and also the things where you get strapped in and spun around like your washing on laundry day.

digbeth funfair 2023
The Tall Spinny Tower – my made-up name for the scariest ride at Digbeth Funfair

The main attraction at the Digbeth Fun Fair 2022 is back for more action. The Spinning Swing Tower, that’s not the official name given by the fair’s marketing department, that would be the Sky Flyer! This is the one that raises you 60m into the air and swings you around at what feels like a 90-degree and, for what seems like an eternity. If heights aren’t your thing then this will be a challenge, but the view you get over the city is worth it! 

The main attraction at the 2023 Digbeth Fair isn’t a ride. Nope, this year Birmingham is getting a beach. A big rectangle of sand dumped in the middle of the fair is this year’s main attraction. There’s also a huge inflatable pool for kids and adventurous parents.

They had a beach at Digbeth Funfair a couple of years ago, but that one was more cat litter box sized compared to this sandy delight.

You might be wondering if the Digbeth Fun Fair is suitable for young children, the answer is yes! Along with the spins and speed for the thrillseekers, there are plenty of slower and seemingly safer rides for the young ones there too. This Digbeth fair really is perfect for families, carefree teenagers and adults desperate to prove that age hasn’t increased their fear levels.

There are rides for people of all sizes and bravery levels

What are the opening hours?

If you want to know what time the Digbeth Fun Fair is open, I can tell you that you can go between 2 pm – 9 pm seven days a week, so there’s plenty of time to take on all the rides.

Unfortunately because of the weather, they’ve struggled in the first week to stick to these hours. They even had to close at 3 o’clock on the 18th July because of the wind and rain. To try your best to avoid disappointment, check out their Facebook page for hourly updates as they are very active on there.

How long will the fair be in Digbeth?

The 2023 fair will be open for business from 14th July until 29th August. So basically for the whole school summer holiday. Leaving a few days at the end for the kids to do any homework they kept secret from you until the last moment.

What do the tickets cost for the Digbeth Fun Fair?

You’ll be pleased to know that it’s completely free to visit the Digbeth Fun Fair.

Yep, that’s right you can stroll around the fair without paying a penny. You can’t, of course, go on any rides for free, but it’s great news for the ‘bag-holders’ among us that you don’t need to pay just to get in.

So, what about the prices for the rides? Well, it varies. Some of the smaller rides cost only £1, whereas the main rides will cost you up to £4. This actually isn’t too bad for something like the Sky Flyer as that, and a few others, are theme park quality attractions.

Is there food and drink available?

Yes, yes, yes, there are loads of what you’d expect to get at a fun fair. There’s even a bar selling draught pints of beer. Which might come in handy if you need to drum up some Dutch courage to get you on the rides.

Digbeth fun fair
Standard dinner at Digbeth Fun Fair

Cool, that should be all you need to know. Now all you need to decide is when to go.

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